Thank you for your interest in our companies services for your very special occasion. Amanda Lynn & Co. Hair & Makeup Artistry charges by the hour instead of per person which in turn saves you money!  Below is a breakdown for you.

Optional Trials

  • $75 for hair, $75 for makeup (one hour each). If you desire more than 1 look for your makeup and hair trial please schedule more time.
    Cash or Check Only. Travel fee may apply.

Wedding Day Info

  • Artist(s) travel on location for minimum of 4 hours.*
  • $125 per hour ($500 minimum per artist).
  • If you request Amanda Lynn to be your artist, her fee is $150 per hour.
  • 18% gratuity will be added to each contract.
  • $35-100 travel fee, per artist, for beyond greater Fort Lauderdale, depends on destination.

Estimated times for services:  1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, for hair and makeup (estimated times for services are approximate and only a recommendation). If party members have something intricate, lots of hair, and/or if the bride requests additional time for herself we can always work with more time or more artists to ensure a smooth and relaxed day. Please see below for more detailed suggestions.

*We require a 4 hour minimum per artist, however can be flexible under unique circumstances.

Hair & Makeup Packages


  • Beauty Basics

    One hour for a hair & makeup application. Quick updo of choice suggested by the artist to utilize the time provided and give the client the best possible look in the shortest amount of time. Simple makeup (foundation airbrushed.) Client will apply their own lipstick & mascara to complete the look. This is suggested for clients on a budget, yet still want pampering by a professional artist. This package is not for anyone requiring clip in extensions or false eyelashes. $125 for the hour.

  • Beauty Upgrade

    One hour & 15 minutes for a hair & makeup application. The foundations of "Beauty Basics" will apply, along with an additional 15 minutes for a more personalized experience. Dependent upon the details of the session, the client may or may not have to apply their own lips & lashes. This gives the client the opportunity to spend more time on one service or the other. If the client has thick hair, the additional time may be necessary to perfect the hair, or maybe the client cares more about the makeup and would like to allocate the time for that. This is suggested for clients with fine to medium thickness of hair who want a unique look, and any clients who require clip-in hair extensions or false eyelashes. $156.25 for 1 hour & 15 minutes. False eyelashes are an additional $10 charge on top of the package.

  • Beauty Upgrade Plus

    One hour and 30 minutes for a hair & makeup application. All the benefits of the "Beauty Upgrade," but tailored to clients who are more particular, require a specific look, heavier makeup, and who have medium to thick hair. $187.50 for 1 hour & 30 minutes.

  • The Bombshell

    1 hour & 45 minutes for a hair & makeup application. This package is catering the client searching for a very detailed hairstyle, extremely dramatic makeup, anyone who is particular about their look, and clients with very thick & long hair.

    $218.75 for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

  • Detailed Artistry

    Two hours of undivided time for the artist to create a flawless makeup application along with a custom intricate hairstyle of choice. This is suggested for clients who are looking for a unique & specific look who do not want to feel rushed. $250 for 2 hours.

    Makeup only average times:

    • Eyes & airbrush foundation only: 20 minutes.
    • Simple makeup (no mascara or lips): 30 minutes
    • Standard makeup application with airbrush foundation, blush, mascara & lips: 35 minutes
    • Full makeup application with contour and false lashes: 45 minutes
    • Extremely detailed makeup and false lashes: 60 minutes

    Hair only average times:

    • Fine hair curls only - 20 minutes
    • Medium hair curls only - 30 minutes
    • Thick hair curls only - 45 minutes
    • For curls only add 10 minutes for long hair.
    • Fine hair updo 30-35 minutes
    • Medium hair updo 35-45 minutes
    • Thick hair updo 45-60 minutes

    Custom Packages available upon request. If you are on a strict budget yet still want pampering by a professional artist let us know your desires and we can create simple yet elegant looks for you in the shortest amount of time possible. Example: we are willing to let the client do their own eye makeup, however we will come in and conceal and airbrush the foundation, and let the client complete their look with blush, bronzer, lips, lashes, etc. We can also design simple updos that can take as little as 20 minutes to complete.

Beauty & Beyond

If any additional time is requested or necessary, an additional $31.25 per 15 minutes will be due at completion of services.

In all packages the client has the option to utilize the time how they desire. For example: Should you choose the hour package and want the artist to work for 45 minutes on hair & 15 minutes on makeup, or 30 minutes each, either is fine, etc.

Other Info:

Parking for artist is the responsibility of bride/bridal party.

Makeup is airbrushed.  Lashes are included for the bride, and an additional $10 for everyone else. Our artists do both hair and makeup. In the event the the artist is a makeup artist only, a hair artist may be necessary to complete services. We require a 50% deposit for wedding day reservation. We have a 45 day cancellation policy for refund less $50 admin fee.

As an example for 6 hair & makeup we recommend 2 artists for 4 hours = $1000, plus 18% added gratuity. If travel fees apply, each artist requires an additional $35-$100 each.

Just let us know how we may proceed and give us some dates you're looking to do a trial.  We look forward to beautifying you on your wedding day!

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